Sunday, 27 June 2010

spurn and tern part 2

Day 3 was a good day, i left Sacha to get on with her job, and went exploring by myself. I just had a little walk around the canal and on the point. got a few good shots of sedge warblers, and possibly my best swallow photos. It was nice to have an explore, and to take the time to see some wonderful birds and talk to some great people.

bird numbers seemed good. And once i had walked down to find Sacha, i spent an hour watching one of my favourite birds, a ringed plover displaying around the tern hut, its one of the reasons i go bird watching, to be able to watch the birds doing their thing! and watching behaviour! i have never been one to run around after rarities, i would much rather sit and watch 1 bird feeding that see something rare!

Thursday night, we walked to easington for a drink with one of the wildlife trust lads, it is always great to chat with new people who have a conservation interest. so that was a fair old walk too! but worth it for a few pints of blacksheep and to socialise with my one of my best est friends! :)

unfortunately i had to go home on Friday, but with the promise to return soon! will be back in July!

bird list was not bad for the week. and of cause the highlights for me were the little terns!

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