Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hartlepool tall ships race

what could have been a showcase event in the north east, seemed to me to be a badly planned, organised, and excecuted event that in all honesty, a small child could have rganised better!!!

i spent the 4 days manning the RSPB's stall, trying my hardest to spread the word of the rspb ( and rspb saltholme. it wasnt easy though!!!! our pitch was right next to the bar! or should i say the bars generator, so i spent the whole 4 days having to shout at people! not the best for my poor voice, or ears for that matter, as the generator in question was kicking out 115 decibels!!! well over the safe level of 85!!!! a complaint is inorder i think.

and combine this with the fact that the main stage was directly oposite us, we had a difficult 4 days.

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  1. Spare a thought for the poor vegetarian girl volunteering for the RSPB stall at the Great British Beer festival this year, who was stuck next to the Pork Scratchings stall for the first day.

    I think even I'd cringe at the thought.